7 reasons why 3 teammates just celebrated a decade with WPG

Three women in separate photos

Where career shifts and company changes are the norm, it’s pretty unusual to celebrate 10 years at an organisation. But within the last few months, we’ve celebrated not one, not two, but three work anniversaries. Both our Associate Director of Finance, Amy Pallot and our Business Manager, Sarah Stott, celebrated 10 years in October, and in just a few months our Business and Finance Assistant Jo Hasse will also be celebrating a decade at WPG. This reflects not only the commitment of the individuals but also speaks volumes about the organisational culture and environment at WPG

We sat down for a chat with the women who help make sure WPG ticks to find out about how things have changed over the last 10 years and what’s made them stay. 

1. A Culture of collaboration and recognition

Sarah shares, “It’s a very collaborative place to work. Everyone’s ideas and opinions are encouraged and listened to which means that you can make a real contribution to the future of the business.”

We foster a culture where every team member’s voice is valued and respected. Whether it’s contributing innovative ideas or offering insights from diverse perspectives, our employees feel empowered to shape the future of WPG.

2. Flexibility and work-life balance

Amy emphasises the importance of flexibility, stating, “As a mum of three young children, benefits such as the holiday purchase scheme are great to help to cover school holidays.” 

Working from home is a big plus too! For Jo, it’s allowed her to get some dogs and even start a crafting hobby. “I have a ceramics workshop in my garden and make doggie-related brooches and gifts”.

Recognising the diverse needs of our employees, we prioritise flexibility and work-life balance. We’re a remote-first business but come together for social occasions, some face-to-face meetings, or to work collaboratively on projects. Whether it’s accommodating family commitments or personal pursuits, we offer benefits and policies that support our team members in achieving real work-life balance. You can find out more about our bolstered benefits here.

3. Opportunities for professional growth and development

Sarah reflects, “I was involved in setting up an international network for research, which has seen me travel to conferences and events around the world, including Australia, several locations across Europe, and Canada.  Despite these opportunities providing some hair-raising moments such as turbulent flights and precarious landings, these experiences have been invaluable to me both personally and professionally”

All three of our recent long-service celebrators come from a professional services background, but as a team made up mainly of psychologists, we also support our team in conference attendance, professional development, and chartership support and encourage growth in various ways. These opportunities enrich our team members’ skill sets and foster a sense of fulfilment and career progression, making WPG an attractive long-term employer.

4. Vibrant company culture and social engagement

Jo reminisces about the engaging social events organised by the WPG team, from online Christmas games to activities like the Derby Duck Race. “We once entered ‘The Derby Duck Race’ where I decorated two giant rubber ducks (one Harry Potter theme and one Derby County FC theme) They were then raced alongside other businesses down the river Derwent.  While our ducks didn’t emerge victorious, we did succeed in raising significant funds for local charities”.

Even though we’re a remote team, we love to get together. Amy and Sarah have both been instrumental in many of our recent social events including a game show-style Christmas social. Amy adds “We love a good social at WPG and always plan both summer and Christmas get-togethers. Particularly over Covid, we tried hard to keep it going as well as we could. Online events that were organised (mostly by Jo and Sarah) included a CSI investigation with an ex-Scotland Yard Detective (Jo and Sarah’s fascination with true crime documentaries came in very handy with this one), escape rooms, cocktail-making with a mixologist, a Christmas craft workshop, and cookery classes (who knew it was possible to burn carrots?) – the list goes on!”

5. Meaningful relationships and a supportive environment

Reflecting on their journey, Amy, Jo, and Sarah have all found a supporting and inclusive environment at WPG and an all-round “great place to work”. 

In fact, Jo and Amy have golden retrievers from the same litter. Jo happily confirms that she allowed Amy to do most of the hard work in terms of the research and swooped in at the end to secure the last girl puppy in the litter. “It’s lovely they share the same birthday, and they look very alike!”

two golden retrievers

6. Opportunities for innovation and creativity

Amy highlights the freedom to innovate, stating, “I’ve worked for large organisations in the past, including PLCs, but get to be so hands-on at WPG. My role is varied alongside the Finance aspect of my role I am also involved with HR, Commercial, and Legal aspects, and I get to work with the owners of the business daily, so I feel like I can really add value.”

As a small and nimble team, Amy, Jo, and Sarah have all seen us grow as an organisation, and have all grown with us! We embrace a culture of innovation and creativity, where our team is encouraged to experiment with new ideas and challenge the status quo.

7. Shared values and purpose-driven work

As part of our rewards and recognition programme that Amy is behind, our last community enrichment day allowed our team to live the WPG values. “Our day was focused on spending time “wild at work” and was attended by the entire team. In the afternoon the volunteer leader explained a lot about the work they do regarding wellbeing and gave us all the opportunity to try some forest bathing. For a lot of us, it was a completely new concept, sitting quietly and just being in nature,” says Amy. You can find out more about our day here.  


We’re so grateful to Sarah, Amy, and Jo for the continued contributions they’ve all made to the business and look forward to sitting down again to celebrate 20 years!