Celebrating our recent triumph at the ABP awards

We are delighted to share our recent win at the ABP awards. Partnering with the College of Policing, we took home the award in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Public Sector category. 

Our partnership

This award recognises the joint efforts of the College of Policing and WPG. 

The College of Policing connects with everyone working in policing to reduce crime and keep people safe by setting standards, providing training, sharing good practices and giving policing a voice.

Bringing our unique perspectives as business psychologists we were able to contextualise the challenges faced by the College from our past experiences and previous research.  

Recognising excellence in the public sector 

Working collaboratively since 2019, WPG and the College of Policing worked to understand better what could be done to support ethnic minority candidates applying to join the police force. 

This project led to the creation of a toolkit that detailed key principles and specific recommendations for the College.

This resource has now been disseminated by forces across England and Wales 

Jessica Bird, who managed this project on behalf of WPG shared, “I’m delighted that our work with the College of Policing was a winner in the DEI Public Sector category. A great collaboration to develop the evidence base for practical application to support ethnic minority candidates for police recruitment and promotion.  On behalf of everyone involved, it was an honour to accept the award. I felt immensely proud of everyone who had contributed to this piece of work, it is a huge tribute to everyone’s hard work and great recognition from our professional colleagues.”

Impact on the Police Uplift programme

The Police Uplift programme, announced in 2019, aimed to recruit an additional 20,000 police officers, and recognised the need to address the underrepresentation in the police force of ethnic minority officers. 

The College has seen significant increases in representation throughout the life of the Uplift programme, through better attraction, recruitment and retention. The longer-term impact in further minimising or eradicating differential outcomes may take some time to evaluate fully, however, the project outcomes have delivered an overall engagement and drive for change. The College will continue to track and evaluate improvements as the benefits of this work are embedded.

Learnings from this project 

Through completing this project, our internal research team has learnt a lot, particularly working within a sector that continues to be under scrutiny by the media and is under pressure to make changes and see results. 

Through creating the outputs of this work, we knew it was important they were accessible both to psychologists within the College, and the wider range of roles and experience across the forces. We worked to ensure that we used the right amount of detail, ensured that everyone understood the why, and drew upon psychological theory where appropriate. 

We built a strong relationship with the College throughout, in a way that offered appropriate challenge and discussion. 

More than just the awards

As well as an evening of celebrations, team members also enjoyed the ABP conference. Yahya Adnan, who attended the whole day shared that “The day was complete with fascinating insights from a range of organisations top and tailed by a brilliant keynote from John Amaechi and a panel on the topic of AI in Business Psychology. By far the cherry on top was WPG’s fantastic win for our work at the College of Policing.”  

For Jessica, the awards were also a fantastic networking opportunity. “Each conversation was a learning experience, enhancing my understanding of the diverse applications of business psychology.”


This award is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the hard work and experience of our team. Sharing this award with the College of Policing is a real honour.