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An international energy company


Work Psychology Group (WPG) were asked to support an international energy company in developing interactive assessments, which would allow for fair and accurate measurement of competencies for selection of individuals into senior roles. Stakeholder consultations were held to collate role information and competency indicators, necessary for the development of exercises and accurate measurement of competencies.


WPG were asked to support the development of case study assessments, for two roles within the client’s retail sector. Our expertise was sought due to our extensive experience within selection and assessment, and our knowledge of the business. The aim of this work was to design interactive assessments that reflected the accountabilities and competencies of two new senior roles, and to ensure that the right people were selected, in a fair and transparent way, to support and deliver the clients new retail proposition and drive sustainable business improvements.

Our Approach

The project commenced with stakeholder consultations together with collation of relevant role information material to inform exercise development. Following stakeholder consultation, the case studies were developed, including a written analysis, role play, structured debrief and behavioural interview. Development of competency indicators in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, and the creation of an assessment matrix for each of the roles followed. Finally, materials to train assessors in the administration and scoring of the exercises were developed, andassessor training took place which included an introduction to best practice assessment methodology.

Results and Outcome

The exercises were set in a generic food retail establishment, that aligned to the structure and offering of the client. This helped to ensure that the exercise content was realistic, but also did not advantage those in the existing similar roles or disadvantage those who may be applying from outside of the organisation. Following the assessor training, the assessments were successfully implemented, identifying a pool of applicants with the desired competencies and abilities needed for the new senior roles.

Continuing Work

The client is continuing to invest in their retail proposition and the associated roles, including implementing development centres to support the development and progression of talent within this sector.

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