Measuring Employee Engagement for World Class Performance

British Gypsum


British Gypsum, an international manufacturing organisation within the Saint-Gobain group.


Work Psychology Group (WPG) were commissioned by British Gypsum to develop, implement and analyse the suitability of a tool for evaluating policies in a newly developed performance plan. Through consultation with stakeholders, a survey focusing on issues relating to employee engagement was developed to identify areas for improvement in the business and enhance engagement.


British Gypsum implemented a new World Class Performance plan which set out policies for, amongst other things, improving safety, encouraging innovation and leadership, improving communication and developing a learning organisation.

British Gypsum approached Work Psychology Group (WPG) as they were interested in understanding its employees’ views on a number of key issues and then using this information to develop plans to increase employee engagement. Ultimately their aim was to improve the productivity and profitability of the organisation.

WPG were commissioned to develop, deliver and analyse a tool to evaluate implementation of the World Class Performance plan.

The Challenge

The organisation had put together a series of activities to implement the new policies outlined above, but had no way of evaluating their effectiveness.

Our Approach

Consultation was carried out with employees and stakeholders to develop a survey that would identify and measure the key issues related to employee engagement, including: Leadership, Learning, Innovation, Teamwork, Reward and recognition, Communication.

The employee survey was delivered to over 500 employees. Rigorous analysis was carried out and the results fed back to executives and employees.

Results and Outcome

The results of the survey enabled the management team to identify areas for improvement within the business and to change policy implementation plans to better suit the needs of its employees.

Over the years, the survey has demonstrated greater employee engagement, increased innovation and an improved safety record within British Gypsum.

Continuing Work

In order to continue to monitor improvements, British Gypsum requested that WPG annually review and update the survey. WPG has successfully run this survey since its implementation, continuing to collaborate with the client on a yearly basis.

The success of the employee engagement survey has led to WPG successfully providing similar services to over nine organisations within the Saint-Gobain group, cementing our partnership with Saint-Gobain.

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