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crowd sourcing

Harnessing the Power of the Crowd

Technology is undoubtedly changing the way the assessment part of recruitment is delivered. Gamification and the immersive candidate experience are perhaps the most visible innovations in today’s psychometric landscape. But technology could also transform the development of assessment tools. Specifically, crowdsourcing could be about to take assessment development by storm.…
WPG are hiring

WPG are hiring!

Work Psychology Group is renowned for its pioneering evidence-based consulting in high stakes selection, evaluation, organisational change and innovation. Due to our continued success and expansion internationally, we are seeking to appoint both an Entry Level Consultant Psychologist and a Psychologist.  
WPG are expanding to London

WPG are expanding to London as our business grows. We’re really excited for our new venture and look forward to this new chapter.

Work Psychology Group moves to London! People are the greatest asset of any organisation; and in today’s ever-changing environment, it is more important than ever to create innovative and sustainable ways of recruiting, assessing and developing the right people within organisations. At Work Psychology Group, we work strategically with our…
WPG Director, Dr Maire Kerrin

WPG Director, Dr Maire Kerrin, invited to present a talk on Innovation

WPG Director, Dr Maire Kerrin, invited to present a talk on Innovation at ICLCity2016 Conference, entitled ‘Individual-level predictors of workplace innovation: Implications for selection and development’. To promote innovative behaviours, organisations need to reliably identify and capitalise on the innovative potential of their employees. Therefore, the individual characteristics and behaviours…
Independent Study by The Work Psychology Group

Independent Study by The Work Psychology Group

Professor Fiona Patterson and colleagues author the 100th AMEE Guide: Situational Judgement Tests in Medical Education and Training; Research, Theory and Practice A recent independent validation study undertaken by the Work Psychology Group for Health Education England and the UKFPO has found positive early evidence to support the continued use…