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An evaluation of the relative value of clinical decision-making tests, situational judgement tests, and selection centres, in the recruitment of trainee doctors in the UK has now been presented in two new papers

These comprehensive papers explore how selection into training for General Practice (Tiffin et al., 2024; ref 1) and Psychiatry (Tiffin et al., 2024; ref 2) medicine has evolved over the past years, including changes made reflecting the constraints imposed by COVID-19. Topics discussed include the different predictive power of each…
Independent Study by The Work Psychology Group

Independent Study by The Work Psychology Group

Professor Fiona Patterson and colleagues author the 100th AMEE Guide: Situational Judgement Tests in Medical Education and Training; Research, Theory and Practice A recent independent validation study undertaken by the Work Psychology Group for Health Education England and the UKFPO has found positive early evidence to support the continued use…