Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Organisational change comes in many forms, and Work Psychology Group (WPG) specialises in helping navigate that change successfully.

Whether it’s large-scale recruitment or developing and embedding organisational values. Or perhaps providing development tools to support personal development and career progression. At WPG, we provide the innovative solutions to your organisation’s problems, whatever they may be.

We have a highly skilled team of business psychologists with wide-ranging knowledge and expertise who create research-led solutions for the public, private and charitable sectors. But it’s not just about the here and now. We’re extremely attuned to the skills and attributes that will be necessary in future and we can support organisations in fostering these.

We use the very latest research and best practices to design, develop and deliver practical and sustainable solutions. Clients approach us with a range of challenges.

These generally stem from a need or desire for organisational change and may include fairness, inclusion and diversity, large scale and high stakes recruitment, future capabilities and evaluation and diagnostics.

Fairness, inclusion and diversity

Diverse teams are more creative and productive. We facilitate diversity and inclusion agendas through the design of selection and assessment solutions that seek not to disadvantage any one group and that encourage a diverse applicant pool. We rigorously apply best practice when designing our assessment solutions and remain up to date with the latest industry advances.

Future capabilities

Succession planning is an important part of the talent management process to ensure your organisation thrives. We can integrate existing organisational data, such as 360 degree feedback reports, team psychometric profiles, or employee engagement survey results, to inform our areas of focus. We translate the latest research and evidence-based practice into practical and engaging training methods to support employee personal development.

Large scale and high stakes recruitment

Recruitment on a large scale brings additional challenges in identifying the correct candidates and ensuring a diverse applicant pool. Particularly in high stakes contexts such as medicine, the legal profession and financial services. WPG designs bespoke selection methods and recruitment processes including screening tools, psychometric tests, Situational Judgement Tests, interviews and assessment centres.

Evaluation and diagnostics

WPG uses an evidence-based approach to support clients in understanding organisational concerns. Does your organisation need to understand employee engagement levels? Determine selection or development criteria for a role? Are you looking to gather information on organisational culture and performance? Or are you aiming to evaluate the impact of your interventions and policies?


WPG offers a range of bespoke selection and development assessments to help clients in identifying talent and supporting employee development.


WPG recognises the importance of continuous development to ensure your employees and organisation thrive.


Times of organisational change require thorough planning and consideration to ensure all stakeholders feel engaged and supported throughout the process.

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