Charlotte Lambert

Charlotte Lambert

Personal Experience & Biography

Areas of expertise and interest

I am experienced in running large, high stakes projects across selection
and assessment, organisational development and change and innovation. I
particularly enjoy implementing qualitative research methodologies such as role
analysis and evaluation of large-scale change processes, supporting my clients
in translating the outputs of projects to inform policy and practical actions.
In addition, I enjoy working with teams and leaders to help them to understand
their innovation potential, and work together to achieve strategic aims.

Exciting projects I am currently working on

I have just completed a piece of work conducting a systematic review of
a high-stakes national selection tool, to identify practical recommendations to
promote equality, diversity and inclusion and promote overall fairness within
the assessment. I’m currently supporting the client in how they prioritise,
apply and evaluate the success of the implementation of each of the recommendations.
In addition, I’ve been working on the design of an executive leadership
development programme, including bespoke exercise design, development of
personalised feedback reports and delivering one-to-one feedback sessions.

What I can’t live without

My Romanian rescue puppy Hugo, who keeps me company whilst I’m working – although he does also have a tendency to make his presence heard on conference calls!

What I would happily live without

Crocs! Regardless of how comfortable they are, they shouldn’t be allowed to be classed as an acceptable pair of footwear to wear in public.