Emma Dougan

Emma Dougan

Areas of expertise and interest

Being a recent graduate, I have experience in conducting both qualitative and quantitative research methods and implementing these into research projects. I am keen to apply my knowledge from my studies into the real world and see how research can actively effect best practice in the workplace. I am interested in selection and assessment in high stakes environments as well as how these methods can be later used for development in the workplace.

Exciting projects I am currently working on

I am currently supporting on a project to explore how a new communication performance measure could be implemented for Pharmacy students and what it may look like. I am also working on the UCAT SJT delivery for 2022-23 as well as being involved in the analysis and reporting of a Situational Judgement Test for selection into General Practice in Ireland.

What I can’t live without

Volleyball and music – I don’t do anything without some type of music playing!

What I would happily live without

Pasta and Cheese – I don’t see the appeal of either!