Emma Morley

Emma Morley

Personal Experience & Biography

Areas of expertise and interest

I have experience leading and managing a wide range of projects, specialising in the areas of selection and assessment, evaluation and organisational development. This has involved working on many multi-method role analysis to identify core attributes to be targeted through selection, and in the design and evaluation of Situational Judgement Tests and selection processes. I have always enjoyed working closely with clients to develop bespoke solutions, to meet their needs and seeing a project through from initial scoping to implementation and evaluation.


Something I have particularly enjoyed has been leading a piece of work with the British Medical Association a few years ago, to design a career tool for junior doctors, to help them think about their preferences and how these might align with working in different medical specialties. You can read more about that project, and the Association of Business Psychologists (ABP) award we won for the work here!

Exciting projects I am currently working on

My role involves providing advisory support and guidance across the business, which means I get to work with all of the team on a range of different projects, for both client work and our internal functions, which I really enjoy. I’m currently supporting colleagues who are leading our work with HEE on the evaluation of the new UK Medical Schools, which is really interesting and already shows the impact that the new Medical Schools are having in meeting their aims and objectives.

I’m also working on some exciting research projects at the moment, some of which are using the UKMED data base to explore the predictive validity of the Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA) in different medical specialties.


I’ve also worked with Fiona recently, to publish a piece of research we conducted with colleagues in Indonesia, exploring the use of Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) in student selection, and the impact on diversity issues there. This is the first study to evaluate the use of an SJT in Indonesia, which has a unique diversity profile compared to Western countries. Largely, the preliminary results replicate previous studies of the potential diversity benefits of using an SJT as a tool for medical student selection and has the potential to level the playing field regarding socio-economic status and ethnicity.

What I can’t live without

My lovely little toddler Isaac, and my Netherland Dwarf rabbit, Reggie. Isaac
loves Reggie, but the feeling isn’t reciprocated, unfortunately! 

What I would happily live without

Rainy days… maybe if it could just rain overnight?