Jessica Bird

Jessica Bird

Personal Experience & Biography

Areas of expertise and interest

I have experience leading and supporting on a range of consulting projects across multiple areas in occupational psychology, including assessment for undergraduate and postgraduate roles, development, and organisational change. I have expertise in selection within the Medical and Dental professions. I particularly enjoy working in collaboration with clients to share the use of business psychology and how it can support them to create effective and efficient solutions to meet their needs.

Exciting projects I am currently working on

I currently lead on the annual development and evaluation of a high-stakes national selection tool. Alongside this, I am also leading on a piece of work within the Further Education and Training sector, which focuses on the design and implementation of a Training Needs Analysis, both for individuals and
organisations. I am also working on a wide range of projects within the
business, such as qualitatively reviewing the content of a Critical Analysis Test, with a focus on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I), to ensure that the Critical Analysis Test is as fair as possible.

What I can’t live without

Pasta! If I could, I would eat some sort of pasta dish every night for dinner. Unfortunately, consuming one food in excess is never good for you!

What I would happily live without

Inconsistent or erratic drivers…