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Welcome to the team: Q&A with our new Senior Consultant Psychologist

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Here at Work Psychology Group (WPG), we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. Which is why, over the past year we’ve been strengthening our team by welcoming several brilliant new starters.  

At the beginning of 2021, we welcomed Consultant Psychologist Amelia Powell along with Psychologists Melissa Washbrook and Elis Sugiyarto 

But now, we’d like to say a very warm welcome to our latest recruit – Ann-Marie Smith – who joins WPG as our Senior Consultant Psychologist 

Ann-Marie brings with her an abundance of knowledge, including her experience in leading large and complex projects within selection and assessment, leadership development, organisational change, employee engagement and diversity and inclusion. 

It was Ann-Marie’s desire to work in a research-led organisation which led her to joining WPG 

As Ann-Marie tells us: “The impact and scale of the work attracted me, as well as the fast-paced consultancy environment.” 

To get to know our new colleague a little bit more, we asked her a few questions… 

Why did you want to become an Organisational Psychologist? 

Ann-Marie says: “I was interested in being able to apply psychological knowledge, theory, and practice to organisational issues in the workplace.  

“I’m naturally curious about human behaviour and wanted to be able to examine the ways in which people behave as individuals and within groups.” 

What’s the best thing about your job? 

“I enjoy helping to improve the effectiveness of organisations and being able to make real positive changes to individual’s working lives,” Ann-Marie says.  

“In particular, the design of psychological assessments to help organisations match individuals to the requirements of a job.” 

What are your pre-WPG career highlights? 

Ann-Marie says: “Obtaining a Master of Science degree in Occupational Psychology and winning Best Postgraduate Project of the Year award from Birkbeck, University of London. Gaining a qualification in Test User: Occupational Ability & Test User: Occupational Personality.” 

Furthermore, Ann-Marie has designed and project-managed a values-based psychometric assessment for a large middle eastern airline company to be used for sifting in a recruitment process. It was completed by over 9000 candidates. 

She has also analysed the diversity/adverse impact of an assessment centre process for a large UK healthcare provider, designed and project-managed an assessment centre process for a sizeable global IT company, conducted competency-based interviews and ran 1:1 personality feedback session with candidates. 

Ann-Marie adds: “On top of that, I’ve conducted a concurrent validation study to evaluate the effectiveness of hires into sales roles for a colossal US client.” 

What are your areas of expertise and interests? 

“I am particularly skilled in quantitative research methodologies such as adverse impact analysis, psychometric test design, and the criterion-related validation of assessment processes,” Ann-Marie says.  

“I enjoy working on talent assessment projects; helping organisations and individuals identify their suitability for roles. I am also interested in equality, diversity and inclusion and have been involved in several complex evaluation projects. I am keen to pursue more work in this area.” 

Why is diversity and inclusion so important to you? 

“I feel passionately about reducing selection bias and discrimination in organisations and promote inclusive organisations where talented people can join and advance through the organisation regardless of their gender or background,” Ann-Marie says.  

“Research has shown organisations with diverse talent are more innovative and see better business results.” 

What makes you cross? 

Ann-Marie says: “Messy spreadsheets and poor filing systems.” 

What sort of a work mate are you?  

“I’m quite extroverted, which means I am energised being around people,” Ann-Marie tells us. “I like making strong connections with others at work, am friendly and supportive to teammates. I enjoy socialising with colleagues outside of work too.” 


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