Workplace wellbeing – going for gold

Most of the Work Psychology Group team is still working remotely. But there have been a number of new recruits in the last 18 months, so finding ways to bond and motivate the team is a priority.

One of the current initiatives is the WPG Winter Olympics, which follows on from the very successful Summer Olympics. The company has been split into three teams – Bobsleigh, Curling and Skeleton. They’re competing over the six weeks in the run up to Christmas to see who can log the most distance.

Fair and square

It’s all very scientific. Miles can be recorded for cycling, walking, running and also for those covered in sports like football and tennis. Head of the WPG Olympic Committee, Jordan Buxton, explained: “We have a very effective handicapping system to try to make sure that efforts are fairly rewarded.

“We log activity on Strava to make sure it’s all above board. Being able to see colleagues’ activity certainly motivates us to prioritise getting steps under our belts each day.”

It’s all great fun. There are shout-outs for top performers, ones to watch and interesting routes at the company’s weekly wellbeing check in.

Bonding over competition

But, as Jordan explains, there’s a wider purpose.

“Despite having bases in both Derby and London, geographically we’re quite widespread. Whilst we were well versed in the art of remote working long before it became widespread, we’ve had several new team members join us recently. So, we were extremely keen to find ways to bring everyone together. Whilst introducing an element of friendly competition!

“We already have a weekly wellbeing check in every Wednesday. It’s so easy to slip into unhealthy habits when you’re remote working. On a busy day the temptation can be to plough on and not take those little breaks that are so vital for our mental and physical health. The weekly check in – which incorporates a stretch – is great for keeping us focussed on looking after ourselves and checking in with colleagues.”

It remains to be seen which team will finish in gold medal position. But everyone at WPG in confident that the Winter Olympics will leave them in good shape for any festive indulgences!