WPG – coming to a conference venue near you soon!

Speaking at a conference

WPG is hitting the ground running in 2023 with a quartet of conference appearances in the first four months.

As a research-led organisational psychology consultancy, we aim to bridge the gap between the working world and the latest research and practices.  Publishing academic research, speaking at international conferences, and participating in business networks gives us a competitive edge when it comes to translating the latest research and thinking into practical, sustainable solutions for clients.

So, we’re delighted to be getting out and about (sometimes live and sometimes virtually) with a vengeance over the next few months.  Here’s where you’ll find us:

BMJ Leader Live – London 24th February

BMJ Leader is the place to find and contribute evidence, reflection and discussion on the many disciplines that drive leadership in health and care. WPG’s Professor Fiona Patterson and Emma Morley will run a session called: Great minds don’t think alike: Supporting leaders to foster a culture of innovation.

The session introduces delegates to the theory, models and practical techniques to promote innovative working. The information will be applicable across a range of contexts, supporting the identification of barriers, and strategic thinking in response to these, promoting an innovative culture. Interactive exercises will provide the opportunity for discussion and tactics for practical applications.

Please do sign up to the event using our exclusive speaker supporter 15 percent discount code: Leader15.

Health and Wellbeing at work – Birmingham NEC, 14th & 15th March

This well-established event is in its 17th year and attracts over 4000 delegates dedicated to improving the health, wellbeing, safety, behaviour and culture of the workforce. The event brings together 200+ speakers over two days to leading UK and international HR, occupational health and healthcare professionals.

Several of the WPG team will be attending and Professor Patterson will be delivering a session called Selection and Assessment Practices to Address Fairness at Work for those from BME and Lower Socio-Economic Backgrounds.

When employees perceive an organisation to be fair it has a positive effect on motivation, engagement and productivity.  As a leading expert in the field of assessment, selection and diversity in organisations, Professor Patterson will explore the benefits of a holistic approach when it comes to establishing a reputation for fairness, ensuring an inclusive culture where all employees feel welcome and treated equally.

World Health Organisation (WHO) Fifth Global Forum on Human Resources for Health – Geneva, 3rd – 5th April

The theme of this event is Protecting, safeguarding, and investing in the health and care workforce.

The Forum will share evidence and experiences on workforce development, as well as opportunities for a post COVID-19 era that will inform the implementation of the Working for Health 2022-2030 Action Plan. The outcomes of the Forum will contribute to the United Nations General Assembly’s High-Level Meeting on UHC in September 2023.

Professor Patterson will be chairing a panel discussion with Professor Jennifer Cleland (WPG Science Faculty).  The session is called: The education-workforce pipeline: International insights from policy interventions and innovations to recruit and support under-represented groups into medicine.

There is evidence that better health outcomes are achieved where care is delivered by doctors who are representative of the societies they serve. Yet, despite government directives and policy interventions, those from “non-traditional”, or more diverse backgrounds continue to be under-represented in medical schools and the medical workforce.  It is critical to understand why these disparities persist.  And to identify policy interventions that may attract and select a more diverse future workforce. Since selection policy and practices are influenced by geopolitical context, our panel comprises speakers from around the world including North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and China.

Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Boston, 19th – 22nd April

There have been record sign-ups for this annual conference.  Professor Patterson will be running a session on SJTs with Filip Lievens from WPG’s Science Faculty and other colleagues.  Specifically, the session will cover Beyond Expertise: Expanding SJT Construct Validity

SJTs are often scored using keys generated according to expert judgment. Research and theory suggest SJT scores are influenced by more than differences in expertise of test-takers themselves, however. This symposium explores how research has uncovered new ways to reduce sub group differences.  .

Please do get in touch if you’re attending (or speaking) at any of these events too.